Proto-Probability - Daniel R. Dysson

by Daniel R Dysson

SciFi Thriller - (Lit Lite - a ripping yarn). 107.6K Words.
Vernacular - NZ English 

How much coincidence can there be
before it is called fact?

What if it became fact
before it had ever been chance?

What if chance
had no chance at all?

The weapon that can claim the stars and every soul in the world. A weapon that reality itself needs to call for help to overcome.

An office worker and security driver from New York City, escape cross country. Escape into the arms of the weapon's owners. Men who know what they have stumbled on. Men who will kill thousands, millions, to safeguard their exclusive access to terror.

Power is the core. But power rests on the quantum void. And within unreality, within the heart, is a weapon more powerful. Is there a chance after all probability ceases?

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Proto-Probability - Daniel R. Dysson