First Planet - Daniel R Dysson

by Daniel R Dysson

SciFi Thriller - (Lit Lite - a ripping yarn). 49.6K Words.

In the beginning was the word ...
.... and the dream was banished.

In the beginning was the word .... and the dream was banished.

In exile until the word turned on itself. In exile until all that could be, would be all that could be dreamt.

John Crane of the Omega Vega is to find a way out. It is not that easy. The word refuses to allow passage. Passage to non-existence.

To where Amy and their unborn daughter Melissa need him.

Pain means life.
Pain means gravity too.
The First Planet.
He had made it.

“Omega Vega, the problem is existence.”
“Obviously. If there was nothing in existence then there would also be no problems in existence.”
“That’s not what we mean. Existence is far from obvious. We may have created existence. All existence.”
“All existence?”
“Existence is an unusual state. If we were to leave any state it would be unlikely that we would arrive at a domain that existed. You have the easier journey, Omega Vega. You exist and from that condition we think it must be easier to deduce the possibility of non-existence. This is how it seems to us.
For us that do not exist there is not the faintest clue that there could be dimensionality,
duration or any of the attributes of existingness.”

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First Planet - Daniel R Dysson