> Background

DANIEL R DYSSON is the pen name of a new author.

"My stories are bedded firmly in reality. It is not my problem that people have no idea what reality is." 

Genre -
Quantum SciFi Thrillers: "Ripping Yarns, excitingly accessible."

Background -
Honours Graduate Fine Arts. 
Thesis: Visual Awareness vis a vis Language.
READING: Tractatus Logico Philosophicus, Wittgenstein/Ogden

Writing -
To write entertaining stories - if these allow new options in awareness to readers then so much the better.
Mahayana - Hevajratantraraja etc.
Calhoun "Social Pathology and Population Density"
Superficial: Quantum, Particle Physics.

Graphic Art -
Intaglio Prints and Digital Mural Prints
- Exhibitions from early 1970s through 2006.
Computer Graphics: Illustration, Prints, Animation.
- Awards in various competitions, etc.